Welcome to the Ultimate Warrior Online Biography

UWOn this site you will find meticulously researched biographical information about Jim Hellwig, the man who invented and performed the Ultimate Warrior. This project was originally conceived of as a book, but has evolved into this online biography that is free to the public. Inside you will find the compelling story of one of the most memorable superstars in WWE history. The information I am bringing to you is not primarily information from WWE videos or other well-known public facts, it is behind the scenes material pulled from interviews I conducted, legal documents I read and hours of research. The goal is to look behind the paint and investigate the life of the man who has become such a polarizing figure in the history of Sports Entertainment.

Hellwig's alter ego, the Ultimate Warrior

Hellwig’s alter ego, the Ultimate Warrior

You will find his story on the different pages linked above, which will be produced in manageable increments to allow the reader conveniently sized sections. As an “evolutionary biography” my goal is not to produce everything at one time, it is to present the reader with new material on a weekly basis. As I post source material I will use the page descriptions below to detail the most recent revisions to the site.

Before Wrestling will chronicle Hellwig’s early life as a young man living in Indiana and as a body builder prior to his wrestling career

How the Project Began gives you background into why this site exists and my goals

Personal Life will give the reader insight into Hellwig outside of the ring as told through legal documents, speaking footage and his own words

Interviews & Updates are phone interviews I have conducted and will continue to conduct with former wrestlers who worked with Hellwig in the industry

Wrestling Career will provide a chronicle of his professional wrestling career through the highs, lows, success and controversy that surrounded the Ultimate Warrior character

Fan Tributes is a place where you can submit your tribute to the Ultimate Warrior

All of the writing is backed by sources and I will clearly detail when I am sharing opinion and not sourced information.  This project will be an evolutionary one, and as I uncover more information I will add it to this progressive work. Please continue to check back weekly as more documents or interviews may become available as I diligently seek new sources to contribute to the site.

It is important to understand this is not a fan site or a memorial site, the work I have produced here is based upon interviews, video, scouring

Recent photo from WWE HOF

Recent photo from WWE HOF

books  and legal documents.  Some of the material on this site will be critical of Hellwig as some of the sources are critical of him in the industry and as a person.  Likewise, other source material speaks glowingly of the man who brought the Ultimate Warrior to life.  The project began as a journalistic endeavor to examine Jim Hellwig’s extraordinary life and that remains true.  The Ultimate Warrior was a childhood hero of mine, Jim Hellwig was the complicated human being who created that character.  On April 8th, 2014, days after his WWE induction, Jim Hellwig suddenly died leaving the world shocked to read the news of his passing.  Research for this project began in 2009 and the site was launched just days before he died.  With his passing the goals have not changed, but the motivation to honor his legacy with the best possible research and writing is stronger than ever.  All that you will read inside has been done with the utmost care.  There may be times you will agree or disagree with sources or conclusions, but one thing that will never change is that I have and will continue to treat his legacy with the utmost sincerity and care.  That is what he deserves and I always plan to honor that.

Godspeed Warrior!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Ultimate Warrior Online Biography

  1. Ultimate Warrior was definitely polarizing as you mentioned. I remember as a child the intense rush I felt as he stormed into the ring. I can’t remember any other wrestler getting an ovation like he always did. Not knowing the inner workings of the wrestling industry as a child, I always wondered why there were so many long gaps between his appearances in the WWE. I’ll check out this site thoroughly and hopefully find some answers.

  2. Truly Awesome!! You are an inspiration to people like my 10 yr old that fell in love with Warrior. Keep up the great work and I assure you my son WILL check out this site. It is worth all the running the man did to see him live on in the eyes of fans that never got to see him perform live like my little boy. God Bless You and the contributions you are making to the man, the myth, the Legend.

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